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Re: [tor-talk] seeking someone to fix a Tor rpm bug

On Mar 10, 2011, at 12:38 PM, Erinn Clark wrote:

Hey Marco!

* Marco Bonetti <sid77@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [2011:03:10 12:10 +0100]:
Primarily I am worried about the upgrade scenario and changing groups
in a way that doesn't break previous versions of the packages.
Could you elaborate a bit on the issues?
So far my understanding is that "--with-tor-group" should not be called
anymore during configure, so a patch would be to just remove
"--with-tor-group=%{torgroup}" from the rpm spec %configure line :-P

Yes, you could just remove that. But do you need to change the group for all of the people who already have a _tor group created upon upgrade? Should you delete the group from existing systems altogether? Is it as simple as just removing all of the other torgroup mentions from the .spec (and there are quite a lot of them)? Does it do the right thing when it gets installed for a new
user as well?

I suspect for a new user it's fine. It's the transition part I don't know about (and realistically don't have enough time for to make sure I do a very good job with, which is why I'd prefer to ask someone who knows more about it than I do).

Afaict the _tor group should still exist, and be the primary group for the _tor user. The only thing happening here is that the configuration option
for tor to choose a specific group was removed.

This is analogous to what Debian does during install time.

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