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Re: [tor-talk] Stricter NEWNYM?

> Please separate the 'kill all streams' command from the NEWNYM command.

Yes, I would make that separate too. I would think a NEWNYM should only
cause truly TCP new connections to use a new exit.

While this is being examined, please have a look at my
NEWNYM buckets proposal of 6 jan 2011...

I've commonly seen exits (or paths) reused within a certain period
of time after issuing a NEWNYM.

For the users that have such a need, it would be nice if Tor could
optionally keep a historical bucket of configurable entry length
(whether based upon time and/or number of prior nodes/paths used).
Such that any such nodes or paths would not be reused so long as
they remained in the bucket according to its expiry rules.

And as an aside, to the extent it is not already done, different
ports on the same host should not necessarily be aggregated over
the same circuits. I'd wager that they should not, so as to appear
separate to the observer. Mostly for efficiency. Think of
checking/writing multiple email accounts on the same provider...
via IMAP/POP/HTTP/SMTP...  without exposing too much relatedness
due to using the same exit for all at once.
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