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[tor-talk] Phantom anonymity project - update

As with Tor, I2P and others... Phantom is a project serving the
strong anonymity space.

It offers similar capabilities to Tor (when Tor is in non-exit relay
+ HS mode only), and I2P. Of course, as with I2P, OpenVPN or other
tunnel mechanisms could allow exiting from Phantom as well.

It provides an IPv6 native tunnel device front to user apps, and
of course by current necessity, an IPv4 front the the internet.
OnionCat does not appear to be needed. I2P has similar analogues.

The first working code and whitepaper release has been made available
for those wishing to review, collaborate, and try it out. Enjoy :)

Info, mailing list, papers, videos, blog and code are below:

[I am NOT affiliated with the Phantom project. And as such, this
note is only an FYI from userland. bcc: mb, bf]
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