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[tor-talk] torrc consistency


I'm thinking to write a Config::Model package for tor, that might be
usefull in the futur for projects like freedombox or even just for debian

Point is that the torrc file as in its current state lacks a bit of
consistency, and that makes it quite hard to parse it automatically.

Seems that there are already kind of a convention in the way it is
written :

- Lines starting with '## ' are descriptions of a block of items
- Lines starting with '#' are commented items.
- Items are in the form of 'Item value'
- Items sometimes have short descriptions/examples following them on the
  same line, beginning by a #

The last point is the one that lacks consistency. Sometimes items
descriptions/examples are on top of the concerned item, sometimes on the
same line, right after the item.

That would make the job easier if there was a clear convention for this
file, and if it was applied correctly everywhere.

What do you think? What would be the best way to write this file?

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