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Re: [tor-talk] Scroogle and Tor

scroogle@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
About a year ago I began requiring any and all
Tor searches at Scroogle to use SSL. Using SSL is always
a good idea, but the main reason I did this is that the
SSL requirement discouraged script writers who didn't
know how to add this to their scripts. This policy
helped immensely in cutting back on the abuse I was
seeing from Tor.

My apologies for putting this on tor-talk, but it is the only way I know
to communicate with Daniel Brandt.  Hopefully he is still monitoring
this list.

Requiring SSL for Tor searches is all well and good, but it creates a
problem that I haven't found a solution for:  creating "bookmarks".  The
(SSL) page of search results has a link to "how to create a bookmark"
which is *not* https.  Attempting to use this page to create a
"bookmark" via Tor gets blocked because of the SSL requirement.  Trying
to load the same page via https results in an error.  It would be really
nice if you could create a solution to this.  Or, if a solution already
exists, post the solution here.



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