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Re: [tor-talk] Scroogle and Tor

Moritz Bartl wrote:
On 10.03.2011 11:27, Jim wrote:
Requiring SSL for Tor searches is all well and good, but it creates a
problem that I haven't found a solution for: creating "bookmarks".

It's a great thing Scroogle uses POST by default. It still accepts GET
for both SSL and non-SSL, at least for me?


Works fine?

OK.  Thanks.

I hadn't thought it through this far, but I was looking for automatic creation of such links, such as provided through the "how to make a bookmark" link. I assume you created your sample link manually?

A search such as your sample link looks easy enough to construct. I am not sure it would be immediately obvious to me what the query would be for more advanced searches such as including a quoted phrase, using the site: qualifier, etc. So it would still be nice to have a way to automatically create them such as Scroogle provides for plain http. Not just for more complicated searches but also for even simple searches by people who are less computer conversant.


P.S. I concur that using POST by default is a good thing! :-) But "bookmarks" are occasionally useful also. (I've needed those maybe two or three times a year.)

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