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[tor-talk] Tor is out

Tor lets relays record their bandwidth history so when
they restart they don't lose their bandwidth capacity estimate. This
release also fixes a diverse set of user-facing bugs, ranging from
relays overrunning their rate limiting to clients falsely warning about
clock skew to bridge descriptor leaks by our bridge directory authority.

Nick Mathewson will be taking over development releases soon. Expect
future announcements and signatures from him -- his GPG key fingerprint is
pub   3072R/165733EA 2004-07-03
      Key fingerprint = B35B F85B F194 89D0 4E28  C33C 2119 4EBB 1657 33EA


Changes in version - 2011-03-08
  o Major bugfixes:
    - Stop sending a CLOCK_SKEW controller status event whenever
      we fetch directory information from a relay that has a wrong clock.
      Instead, only inform the controller when it's a trusted authority
      that claims our clock is wrong. Bugfix on; fixes
      the rest of bug 1074.
    - Fix an assert in parsing router descriptors containing IPv6
      addresses. This one took down the directory authorities when
      somebody tried some experimental code. Bugfix on
    - Make the bridge directory authority refuse to answer directory
      requests for "all" descriptors. It used to include bridge
      descriptors in its answer, which was a major information leak.
      Found by "piebeer". Bugfix on
    - If relays set RelayBandwidthBurst but not RelayBandwidthRate,
      Tor would ignore their RelayBandwidthBurst setting,
      potentially using more bandwidth than expected. Bugfix on Reported by Paul Wouters. Fixes bug 2470.
    - Ignore and warn if the user mistakenly sets "PublishServerDescriptor
      hidserv" in her torrc. The 'hidserv' argument never controlled
      publication of hidden service descriptors. Bugfix on

  o Major features:
    - Relays now save observed peak bandwidth throughput rates to their
      state file (along with total usage, which was already saved)
      so that they can determine their correct estimated bandwidth on
      restart. Resolves bug 1863, where Tor relays would reset their
      estimated bandwidth to 0 after restarting.
    - Directory authorities now take changes in router IP address and
      ORPort into account when determining router stability. Previously,
      if a router changed its IP or ORPort, the authorities would not
      treat it as having any downtime for the purposes of stability
      calculation, whereas clients would experience downtime since the
      change could take a while to propagate to them. Resolves issue 1035.
    - Enable Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) and Data Execution
      Prevention (DEP) by default on Windows to make it harder for
      attackers to exploit vulnerabilities. Patch from John Brooks.

  o Minor bugfixes (on 0.2.1.x and earlier):
    - Fix a rare crash bug that could occur when a client was configured
      with a large number of bridges. Fixes bug 2629; bugfix on Bugfix by trac user "shitlei".
    - Avoid a double mark-for-free warning when failing to attach a
      transparent proxy connection. Bugfix on Fixes
      bug 2279.
    - Correctly detect failure to allocate an OpenSSL BIO. Fixes bug 2378;
      found by "cypherpunks". This bug was introduced before the first
      Tor release, in svn commit r110.
    - Country codes aren't supported in EntryNodes until 0.2.3.x, so
      don't mention them in the manpage. Fixes bug 2450; issue
      spotted by keb and G-Lo.
    - Fix a bug in bandwidth history state parsing that could have been
      triggered if a future version of Tor ever changed the timing
      granularity at which bandwidth history is measured. Bugfix on
    - When a relay decides that its DNS is too broken for it to serve
      as an exit server, it advertised itself as a non-exit, but
      continued to act as an exit. This could create accidental
      partitioning opportunities for users. Instead, if a relay is
      going to advertise reject *:* as its exit policy, it should
      really act with exit policy "reject *:*". Fixes bug 2366.
      Bugfix on Tor Bugfix by user "postman" on trac.
    - In the special case where you configure a public exit relay as your
      bridge, Tor would be willing to use that exit relay as the last
      hop in your circuit as well. Now we fail that circuit instead.
      Bugfix on Fixes bug 2403. Reported by "piebeer".
    - Fix a bug with our locking implementation on Windows that couldn't
      correctly detect when a file was already locked. Fixes bug 2504,
      bugfix on
    - Fix IPv6-related connect() failures on some platforms (BSD, OS X).
      Bugfix on; fixes first part of bug 2660. Patch by
    - Set target port in get_interface_address6() correctly. Bugfix
      on and; fixes second part of bug 2660.
    - Directory authorities are now more robust to hops back in time
      when calculating router stability. Previously, if a run of uptime
      or downtime appeared to be negative, the calculation could give
      incorrect results. Bugfix on; noticed when fixing
      bug 1035.
    - Fix an assert that got triggered when using the TestingTorNetwork
      configuration option and then issuing a GETINFO config-text control
      command. Fixes bug 2250; bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (on 0.2.2.x):
    - Clients should not weight BadExit nodes as Exits in their node
      selection. Similarly, directory authorities should not count BadExit
      bandwidth as Exit bandwidth when computing bandwidth-weights.
      Bugfix on; fixes bug 2203.
    - Correctly clear our dir_read/dir_write history when there is an
      error parsing any bw history value from the state file. Bugfix on
    - Resolve a bug in verifying signatures of directory objects
      with digests longer than SHA1. Bugfix on
      Fixes bug 2409. Found by "piebeer".
    - Bridge authorities no longer crash on SIGHUP when they try to
      publish their relay descriptor to themselves. Fixes bug 2572. Bugfix

  o Minor features:
    - Log less aggressively about circuit timeout changes, and improve
      some other circuit timeout messages. Resolves bug 2004.
    - Log a little more clearly about the times at which we're no longer
      accepting new connections. Resolves bug 2181.
    - Reject attempts at the client side to open connections to private
      IP addresses (like,, and so on) with
      a randomly chosen exit node. Attempts to do so are always
      ill-defined, generally prevented by exit policies, and usually
      in error. This will also help to detect loops in transparent
      proxy configurations. You can disable this feature by setting
      "ClientRejectInternalAddresses 0" in your torrc.
    - Always treat failure to allocate an RSA key as an unrecoverable
      allocation error.
    - Update to the March 1 2011 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.

  o Minor features (log subsystem):
    - Add documentation for configuring logging at different severities in
      different log domains. We've had this feature since,
      but for some reason it never made it into the manpage. Fixes
      bug 2215.
    - Make it simpler to specify "All log domains except for A and B".
      Previously you needed to say "[*,~A,~B]". Now you can just say
    - Add a "LogMessageDomains 1" option to include the domains of log
      messages along with the messages. Without this, there's no way
      to use log domains without reading the source or doing a lot
      of guessing.

  o Packaging changes:
    - Stop shipping the Tor specs files and development proposal documents
      in the tarball. They are now in a separate git repository at

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