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[tor-talk] Torrents for Tor


I wrote a small shell script that generates torrents for all files in
/dist. The script needs to be extended to include the signature files
inside the torrents, instead of creating dumb seperate torrents.
Torrents are good for censorship circumvention if Torproject.org and
mirrors are blocked, because they automatically look for peers using a
DHT: Any seeder is a potentially unblocked source for Tor.

Also, torrents allow for magnet link distribution. For example, the
magnet link for tor-browser-1.3.20_en-US.exe is


Contains my script (createtorrents.sh) and rrandom's approach
(generate-mktorrent-commands.lua). His is improved as it groups files
for torrents, but it does not work because mktorrent does not support
torrent creation for more than one file or directory.

We add several HTTP mirrors as sources inside the Torrents, that's why
they already work great without any "native Torrent seeders".

Please talk to me or rrandom on IRC if you want to help improve it. It
will likely be used officially for Torproject.

https://www.torservers.net/mirrors/torrents/ (cronjob generates them
every 6 hours if torproject.org dist dir is updated)

Moritz Bartl
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