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Re: [tor-talk] Blocking Shadowserver honeypots


FYI, I had a short discussion with some guys on the public shadowserver
mailing list.

Some of them are pretty fanatic indeed and say things like:
TOR provides criminals with anonymous access to engage in criminal activity behind a cloak.
TOR makes it exponentially more difficult to fight internet abuse.
TOR operators are guilty by complicity.
TOR is evil.
TOR = abuse
Running an endpoint should be illegal in itself.

In contrast, others are quite rational and explained that 
Our standard policy is to report what we see without any filtering. It
is up to the receiving organization to determine what is the correct
response. We do not dictate nor require any specific response from our

I do see their point so I will try to talk to my ISP (once again...)

Additionally, I will reject connections to the Shadowserver honeypots to
avoid further abuse reports. This does not solve the fundamental
conflict between Shadowserver and Tor, but it solves the problem for me
and keeps my exit node hopefully up and running.



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