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Re: [tor-talk] Iran cracks down on web dissident technology

On 3/22/2011 12:09 AM, Mike Perry wrote:
To distill your argument down, you've said so far:
1. Tor was/is funded by a government.

2. Governments only act out of self-interest.

3. Governments often have ulterior movies.

4. Governments have inconceivable power.
Please, please - everyone (probably including me) is making the topic way more complicated than my main question. No one's addressed the main question. If there's no answer, that's fine. Forget conspiracy theories. If you have a plausible, possible explanation to one question, great.

Why would any govt create something their enemies can easily use against them, then continue funding it once they know it helps the enemy, if a govt has absolutely no control over it? It's that simple. It would seem a very bad idea. Stop looking at it from a conspiracy standpoint & consider it as a common sense question.

Number 1 & 3 on your list are either fact or common knowledge.
# 2 - I didn't say govts ONLY act out of self interest.
# 4 is very likely for large govts - espec. for something like (electronically) monitoring internet traffic / email, listening to phone calls. These actions are well documented in several countries. It's not conspiracy - was well documented & investigated by US Congress & covered in documentaries. Fact, not conspiracy. How does that behavior relate to Tor? Don't know - that's the question.
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