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[tor-talk] Windows TBB v2.3.25-4 Firefox can't connect to Internet when Valida calls Tor *not* as ./tor.exe

Hello list,

For a long time now I've configured Vidalia to start an installed alpha
Tor on my system, instead of the stable Tor included within TBB. Then,
with a few versions TBB around the same time as the Windows TBB Aero
theme bug, Vidalia started freezing and then crashing when I changed the
path of Tor exe. Then, in a later version of TBB this issue was fixed.

The current bug is new. The current bug is explained below, as a
copy/paste from the ticket I created for this issue #8378
(https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/8378). There is a work
around this bug, and that's dropping an alpha Tor (copied from an
installed alpha Tor) over the stable Tor found in TBB, however, I'm
unsure if doing so means I'm doing something stupid . . . please advise.

Thank you very much

 RE: TBB v2.3.25-4 on Windows 7

I just configured Vidalia to use the Tor within TBB dir as
C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\Tor Browser\App\tor.exe, but when I start TBB
Firefox can't connect to Internet. Then I tried the default .\tor.exe
(which is the same exact location as C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\Tor
Browser\App\tor.exe) and TBB can access Internet no problem.

So, it seems like there are some bugs with using a Tor located anywhere
other than .\tor.exe, *and* using C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\Tor
Browser\App\tor.exe instead of .\tor.exe prevents Firefox from getting

This ticket is related to #8367 [sic]

I made this ticket major priority because as is I can no longer use Tor
alpha with TBB. The Tor team doesn't build alpha versions of TBB for
Windows users, unlike they do for their more favorite OSes :( So, if
this isn't fixed it appears Windows users are placed further back into
the closest, being we can't even use (nor test for bugs with TBB) a Tor
alpha build. Please fix this, and please don't take many months to do
so. I understand you're all overworked, and you all are doing you [sic]
best, however, it does seem Windows problems are normally lower priority
than problems with other OSes.

P.S.That last paragraph is not meant as an insult, I have the highest
respect for Tor devs. Sadly, it's merely the way I see things after
being active with Tor for many years, long before TBB and Vidalia. I do
understand much of the reason is lack of competent Windows devs (as per
past comments by Nick and/or Roger and/or Mike), as well as lack of
woman/man power and money, but the fact is most TBB users use Windows,
and most are far less computer competent than I. I wrote this postscript
to try and avoid discussion about my last paragraph on on tor-talk . . .
I felt I should explain my reasons for writing it to avoid getting off

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