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[tor-talk] What would Tor v1.0 look like?


I've been using Tor for many years now (when Tor was hosted by EFF), and
I love how fast and far Tor is progressing, as well as other Tor Project
projects (e.g., TorBrowser and TorButton). I've always wondered what it
would take for Tor to be called v1.0, e.g., how different would that Tor
be vs. the current Tor?

If anyone is interested in this topic, I'd love to read all input. E.g.,
would Tor v1.0 be considerably 'faster' (unless 'speed' more an issue of
number of nodes)? Would Tor use UDP? Would Tor v1.0 be more secure (I
know that's an awfully open-ended question, sorry!)? Would Tor be
(close-to) unblockable (e.g. by the Chinese firewall) though use of
bridges?  Would Hidden Services be more robust in terms of security and
anonymity [0], and, would surfing to them be 'faster'?. . . ? . . . ?

coderman wrote about his pie-in-the-sky Tor v2.0 [0], and it sounded
pretty bad ass, even tough I probably misunderstood most of his
technical writing.



  george of the jungle
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