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Re: [tor-talk] Fwd: Starting out: Project Coordinator


I am curious if and how this Project Coordinator position will work.
Looking for forward to read your report.

Tom Lowenthal:
> Please tell me about the things
> that bug you most about volunteering, helping out, or otherwise
> interacting with the Tor project. I'm not asking for software bugs or
> feature requests: I'm looking for *organizational* bugs. Whether
> they're just little papercuts or huge problems that make your life a
> misery, please let me know.

I am trying to get some patches merged into the Linux TBB bundle start
up script "start-tor-browser". I started with a trivial one:

Already mailed Mike Perry, but no response.

There are some some other patches in my pipeline, here is another one:

I think he is too busy, but perhaps this Project Coordinator position
can offload some work from him.

So if somehow the time between posting a patch, reviewing a patch and
merging a patch could be reduced, that would be awesome.

What happened to the job offer for another browser hacker? [1] No
suitable person has been found?


[1] https://blog.torproject.org/blog/tor-has-funding-another-browser-hacker
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