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[tor-talk] Fwd: Starting out: Project Coordinator

Hello! I'm Tom Lowenthal; we may have spoken before, but I can tell
you all about me later.

I'm Tor's new project coordinator, starting forthwith. I'm here to
deal with logistics and communication, and all kinds of other
interfering nonsense so that Tor folks can focus on the stuff they
want to work on, whatever that may be, and whether they're a volunteer
or compensated. I'm incredibly excited to get started!

To get to work as fast as possible, I'd like your help discovering
what it is that I need to take care of first, and which things should
go on my (rapidly-growing to-do list). Please tell me about the things
that bug you most about volunteering, helping out, or otherwise
interacting with the Tor project. I'm not asking for software bugs or
feature requests: I'm looking for *organizational* bugs. Whether
they're just little papercuts or huge problems that make your life a
misery, please let me know.

Please to meet you!

Tom Lowenthal
tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx | strangecharm@xxxxxxxxxxxx | toml@xxxxxxxxxxxxx | @flamsmark
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