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[tor-talk] Tor on BSD

The New York City *BSD User Group (nycbug.org) has created a mailing
list dedicated to running the Tor anonymity software on the BSDs. The
list aims to become a forum for BSD users and developers interested in
improving the performance and expanding the use of the BSDs as a
platform for Tor. The BSDs make an ideal platform for running Tor
considering the stability and security track record of the operating

At this point, the only BSD recommended by the Tor Project is FreeBSD
5.x or higher. While there is an OpenBSD port, and a pkgsrc port for
NetBSD and Dragonfly BSD, they are not considered recommended
operating system platforms. This is one issue the list could approach.

All interested individuals running or developing Tor on any of the
BSDs are welcome to join the list, located at:

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