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Re: [tor-talk] Disabled Torbirdy itself Leaks DNS

It seems new Torbirdy 0.1.1 has just solved this specific problem.
:) great work,

* s/those options remains same/those options which mentioned above
remains same/
* s/all remain same/all that were mentioned above remain same/

Received from Bry8 Star, on 2013-03-15 3:15 AM:
> Hi,
> when i setup socks5 proxy (without torbirdy plugin) in Thunderbird,
> then these config options are set:
> network.proxy.socks=""
> network.proxy.socks_port="9050"
> network.proxy.type="1"
> network.proxy.socks_version="5"
> network.proxy.socks_remote_dns=true
> and i also manually set few other config params/options, that are
> related to make this specific thunderbird anonymous friendly.
> with those thunderbird works fine.
> And, after installing Torbirdy plugin, those options remains same.
> But when i disabled Torbirdy, then:
> except for below config option, all remain same:
> network.proxy.socks_remote_dns=false
> And because of this, Thunderbird starts to use local DNS resolver on
> user's local computer, instead of using remote dns via Socks5 proxy !
> Thus, a disabled Torbirdy itself is cause of DNS leaks.
> Luckily i have firewall in place, which previously pre-set to
> not-allow any traffic from Thunderbird toward any where else, only
> connection allowed for Thunderbird, is toward the ip address
> on port 9050. (And on windows boxes, i needed to allow
> local( loop connection for Thunderbird itself).
> And firewall is also configured to WARN me if Thunderbird (or any
> Torified app) tries to use anything other than what was mentioned in
> above paragraph. So i was able to view these DNS leak attempts.
> So when Torbirdy plugin is disabled, then it should not change that
> config option to "false", it should keep it to "true" if user
> previously was using socks5 proxy by specifying it manually.
> Torbirdy should be able to use a file or technique, which will allow
> it to remember what params/options & values were used before, so
> when disabled it should revert back only those specific settings
> which it changed, not to what it thinks it should be.
> So pls create bug-report or please take steps to solve such problem(s).
> Thank you,
> -- Bright Star.
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