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[tor-talk] Multiple interfaces on a bridge/relay

Hey guys,

I have a Tor relay that I am going to be setting up soon for an
organization I'm with and I have 3 problems I wanted to bring up to you

1. Should I have a VM for each interface I am going to have? If I don't
need to how can I set this up to have bridges and relays?
2. I have 3 IPs that are separate from our main IP block and I wanted to
make non-bridge relays, and up to 10 that are part of our main IP block
that I was going to use for bridges. The problem is we are a
Pirate political party and I'm not sure if those IPs in the main block
would be blacklisted in countries like Iran/China because our website is on
that IP block also. Should I put the nodes on my main IP block as relays
and the ones separate as bridges?
3. For the VMs what should the specs(RAM/HDD) be?

Thank you for your response(s)!

Andrew Paolucci
W: +1 (647) 692-0632
M: +1 (416) 276-2021
F: +1 (905) 508-6141
S: adpaolucci
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