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[tor-talk] Vista DEP and TBB

I'm writing to ask if there's been some network or server problem the
last few days?  I've run into a variety of error msgs & non-reproducible
difficulties, and before I tear my system apart I want to be sure that's
what I need to do.  Details:

All night the TBB hasn't been able to raise check.torproject.org as it
usually can on startup.  I finally got a couple of other sites up in
other tor browser tabs, along with spurious unsafe-site & other
warnings.  I would assume the problem was at the torproject servers,
except that I've gotten various error messages at various attempts to
log on that say that the problem might be a proxy error in my TBB
configuration, although I'm using the default installation unchanged.  I
still wouldn't worry except that Vista's Data Execution Prevention is
giving me warnings.  Also, the last couple of days my tor e-mail client
(thunderbird) wouldn't send or receive, leading me to think that
something was broken here; but tonight thunderbird has on its own accord
begun behaving as it should. - eli

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