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Re: [tor-talk] Vista DEP and TBB

eliaz <eliaz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm writing to ask if there's been some network or server problem the
> last few days?  I've run into a variety of error msgs & non-reproducible
> difficulties, and before I tear my system apart I want to be sure that's
> what I need to do.  Details:
> All night the TBB hasn't been able to raise check.torproject.org as it
> usually can on startup.  I finally got a couple of other sites up in
> other tor browser tabs, along with spurious unsafe-site & other
> warnings.  I would assume the problem was at the torproject servers,
> except that I've gotten various error messages at various attempts to
> log on that say that the problem might be a proxy error in my TBB
> configuration, although I'm using the default installation unchanged.  I
> still wouldn't worry except that Vista's Data Execution Prevention is
> giving me warnings.  Also, the last couple of days my tor e-mail client
> (thunderbird) wouldn't send or receive, leading me to think that
> something was broken here; but tonight thunderbird has on its own accord
> begun behaving as it should.

I don't use TBB or Vista, but I've recently started getting
"SOCKS5 TTL expired" errors (Privoxy's translation for SOCKS5
error code 6) that seemed to survive circuit changes and
persisted until tor got a SIGHUP or was restarted.

If you just refreshed the page a bunch of times but didn't actually
restart tor, this could explain the check.torproject.org issue.

Note that I haven't correlated my logs yet to verify that this is
a real issue and not just a bunch of coincidences that looked like
a Tor problem.


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