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Re: [tor-talk] Stem Release 1.0

On 3/31/13 5:55 AM, Jesus Cea wrote:
> 3. Maybe, a Python proxy to create hidden services without installing
> TOR. This point could be detrimental to TOR ecosystem, nevertheless,
> since a server using TOR would be "nice" if giving back.
> I am interested in easing the entry barrier to access hidden services
> for regular unskilled users, and I am thinking about writing this
> proxy myself, but low level protocol details are available only on
> sourcecode :-?. In this particular situation, I care about hidden
> service anonymity, not client anonymity.
You may consider the discussion on "Using Tor as a Library"  on Tor-dev
in past week about the idea to make Tor be able to work as a library:

If tor could be usable as a library, it would be possible to easily
create python binding for the library.


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