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[tor-talk] (no subject)

Hello people of tor talk,
Ever since the the TBB update to torbirdy hasn't been
functioning, I think it's because the port change: "Set the Tor
SOCKS+Control ports to 9150, 9151 respectively on all platforms This
fixes a SOCKS race condition with our SOCKS autoport configuration and
HTTPS-Everywhere's Tor test. Firefox 17 appears to cache proxy settings
per URL now, which resulted in a proxy error for check.torproject.org if
we lost the race."

So it just shows up as proxy is refusing connections. I now have 2
versions of TBB, one for browsing and one changed back to port 9051 like
before in vidalia to make it function (shows the browser as having the
proxy refusing connections instead). Can't change torbirdy the other way
around to port 9151/0 like tor is now.

Anyone know what's up? Is this just me?

I opened up a ticket for it about a week ago but nobody was able to get
to it yet: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/8438

Would it be safe to have two tor's running at the same time? One for
mail and one for browsing? Switching between both is a bit tedious.

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