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Re: [tor-talk] Compass UI tweaks

> As I said, I don't want to choose defaults for CC, FP or AS.

There was no suggestion to choose any defaults.

> Placeholders are the "web development" equivalent of examples.

I suggested removing the example text from the boxes leaving
nothing in the boxes at all. Put the examples in the text of the page.
And make at least the fingerprint box wide enough to display
a full fingerprint.

>> Also list the ISO CC codes in the drop down as 'CC, desc'.

> This feels like feature creep. But I've had to look up CC values
> multiple times myself so this wouldn't be bad thing to add.

Tor rightly does not accept full country names in its config, so CC's
are useful there.
I've suggested recently on list about removing redundant AS
info from the json data to save some byte creep... people will
be running compass on hidden services or via tor so that's a savings.

> Please file a ticket for this.

7744 and 8461
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