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Re: [tor-talk] Torproject.org Being Censored in Canada

> Anecdotal evidence in my possession suggests that direct complaints
> will not work.  That said, I do have some ideas that I'll bring up

Explaining blockage to local staff will result in dumb stares.
Any staffer who brings it up in a meeting will be passed over.
Any manager who brings it to corp will be passed over.
These are mega fad franchises, they don't care about losing a few
customers. It only accelerates their pump and dump model.

You might be well served to describe in terms of not being able
to use your 'corp VPN' via their net...

> FWIW though, I *never* use open wifi, most especially
> corporate-sponsored "free wifi" for the reasons mentioned above.

Central logging, every Starbucks all back to one point, one more
reason to always change your MAC.

While the big chains do contract with site filter companies, to the point
of making use of Tor over them perhaps a better esperience...
there are plenty of small stores offering free unfiltered service to those
who wish to access a site that blocks Tor exits.
In a way, the small store often becomes a frustrated Tor user's guaranteed
path to popular services, under some level of acceptable location tradeoff.

Now if Tor could be peer aware and connect and exit relay through other
Tor nodes also using such small shops, there would be no location tradeoff...
It's another toggle in vidalia... "I'm in an open shop, help my friends".
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