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Re: [tor-talk] Mail services: Hotmail / Live, Outlook

>> I think Gmail may do same thing, if try to login w/ exit
>> node from a different country than used to sign up for the acct (not sure).
> According to the guy at Google who has posted here before, they
> require you to verify yourself (e.g. via your alternate email or
> phone) on the first login from an anonymous proxy service, after that
> they flag your account so they don't bother you again.

I think he said either those two, or from some IP they class as legit.
His mail was reasonably detailed so it's worth looking up again.

As for hotmail, I've been trying since at least last week or so
to make it lock up again and it hasn't. Perhaps like gmail it's a
one time thing. Doesn't mean that it isn't, and how does one know.

The generic lockout messages and unpublished policy / parameters
of these providers regarding source IP's are more frustrating and image
diminishing than whether or not they work with Tor or not. A constant
threat of an unacceptably irrecoverable lockout hanging over your mail.
For legit users that just sucks.
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