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Re: [tor-talk] howto, posting to blogger/blogspot.com

On 03/20/2013 11:26 PM, stonestor@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I have tried numerous times with various versions over the months, but
> have not usually been able to post a comment to blogspot.com. I have only
> been able to post when a blog allows for anonymous comments. I haven't
> been ever able to post whenever an ID is required whether using google,
> wordpress, OpenID or any other ID.
> I have been using always the latest version of TBB. I believe this might
> be a FF problem, because I often have problems posting with FF
> non-Torified yet Opera works fine non-Torified with the same ID.
> The failure occurs like this: upon hitting the submit button to post a
> comment, the page reloads but nothing was posted.
> How do I proceed? Thanks.

Some sites block at least some Tor exit IPs. Maybe there a list
somewhere of Tor exit IPs that aren't being blocked. Using TBB, you
could specify those.

More generally, using a free VPN, or even an "anonymous" HTTPS proxy,
gets you past that noise. But I doubt that either is doable with TBB. I
use VPN and Tor router VMs.
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