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Re: [tor-talk] Vidalia and Tor: Controlling when the identity changes

> 1. Specify the time interval between identity changes.

Set the MaxCircuitDirtiness option in your torrc...

MaxCircuitDirtiness NUM

Feel free to reuse a circuit that was first used at most NUM seconds
ago, but never attach a new stream to a circuit that is too old. For
hidden services, this applies to the last time a circuit was used, not
the first. (Default: 10 minutes)

>         2. Specify an IP address as an exit relay. I edited torrc, setting
> ExitNodes to an ipaddress, and StrictNode to 1, but after an initial
> connection to that specific exit relay and 1 http connection to the
> outside world, no subsequent traffic is routed out of tor.

Odd, seems like that should work. Out of curiosity why are you using
Vidalia for this? If this is a script then something like stem seems
like the better option. Here's a tutorial that does something


Cheers! -Damian
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