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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Flashproxy Badge as Firefox Extension

Am 25.03.2013 19:08, schrieb Sebastian G. <bastik.tor>:
23.03.2013 19:31, Christian Sturm:

I really like Cupcake for Chrome and recommended it to many friends.
However, I didn't have a simple way to do this on Firefox, so I thought
I'd create something like that.

Since I never ever created an extension before and it's really just a
few lines of code that should turn on the cookie and adds the badge it
doesn't look really good.

Currently it's basically what the iframe does (+adding the flashproxy
browser cookie, so it still works, should it become opt-in only). I hope
it is helpful to people using Firefox and want a quick way to become a
relay. Sorry it doesn't look really good yet.

I might put the code on GitHub or so later.



thank you for creating an addon for this.

There's a spelling mistake for the German description.

"Warhscheinlich hilfe ein Neustart von Firefox."
should be
"Wahrscheinlich hilft ein Neustart von Firefox."

Thank you, I will fix that.

I don't know if it's Mozilla or Firefox, but XPIs are meant to be
installed. Right click and "Save as.." doesn't work. You have to use
another browser to download the xpi in order to inspect it.

Nothing personal. I can't read code and would not notice anything
strange, although I wouldn't expect anything nasty inside.

The code should be viewable. I think you can open it like a zip.

Do you know if the folder "addon-sdk" is required? It's the largest part
of the addon.

Well, I did it using the Addon-SDK, which is recommended for various reasons. I will see how it develops in future.

I gave it a try and it works fine I guess.

I am not sure, whether it works anymore. Somehow the button turns black, which could be a general problem with Flashproxy though. No Firefox support? Maybe use another library? I wonder whether socket.io or sockjs could be used, since they allow fallbacks. Would be really interesting.

The addon appears to set a cookie for the path
while the options page set a cookie for the path

Oh? I thought cookies were domainwide. I will have a look on it.

This makes it impossible to disable the proxy on its option page. Since
your cookie contains a "1" all the time. The cookie from the option page
might be "1" or "0", while "0" gets ignored if your cookie is also present.

I noticed this too. Cool, now I know how to fix it.

According to the addon "addons memory" it takes around 5.60 MB of
memory. Can this be optimized?

Maybe related to the SDK. I will have a look on it, once I have more time.

Thank you for creating the extension.

Thanks so much for testing and providing feedback! :)

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