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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Flashproxy Badge as Firefox Extension

25.03.2013 21:31, Christian Sturm:

>> There's a spelling mistake for the German description.
>> "Warhscheinlich hilfe ein Neustart von Firefox."
>> should be
>> "Wahrscheinlich hilft ein Neustart von Firefox."
> Thank you, I will fix that.

The "Warhscheinlich" is still wrong :)

> The code should be viewable. I think you can open it like a zip.

It is even on their website. I knew that xpi is "just" a renamed zip.
Thank you.

> I am not sure, whether it works anymore. Somehow the button turns black,
> which could be a general problem with Flashproxy though. No Firefox
> support? Maybe use another library? I wonder whether socket.io or sockjs
> could be used, since they allow fallbacks. Would be really interesting.

It works for me. I even saw it turn light blue, today.

I saw it turn light blue on the website a couple of times, but most of
time I'm not looking at it.

With your addon I don't see how often it got used either if I don't pay
any attention. Would it be possible to add some sort of counter to see
how often it got activated since the last restart?

On mouse-over it shows "Tor Flashproxy badge", maybe it could be dynamic
and show "Tor Flashproxy badge (N)" where N is how often it the badge
was used by clients.

Nothing to complicated I don't want to increase the complexity to much.

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