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Re: [tor-talk] Mobile Anonymity and Circumvention seems not working

Does the "check.torproject.org"  site return a connected message in the default browser?

chandra mohan <rkchandramohan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>       I tried  Trasparent proying of Orbot  as  mentioned
>*APPS*  and observed all web (traffic built-in Browser, Gmail, YouTube,
>Maps and any other application
>that uses standard web traffic)and all DNS requests from my Android
>are not following  Tor
>       Observed with wireshark and above mentioned application traffics
>are having DNS request and DNS
>response packets  and followed by large number of HTTP packets.
>      My Mobile is running on Android 2.2  Kernel which is already root
>and I also gave super user
>permission for Tor installation.
>         what is possibe  issue here?
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