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[tor-talk] Unseen.is login page blocked in TBB

On https://Unseen.is, the page(s) that would normally come after entering user name & PW is blocked. Instead, submitting login data & page "refreshes", I just see a blank web page w/ a "throbber" in middle of page. Same thing happens when creating a free acct - at top of page at address in above link.

After submitting data for new acct, browser refreshes, new page loads & the blank page w/ throbber just sits. But (for me), the acct was actually created.
I found that out from their support.
FYI: to create an acct, don't actually need a *valid* "Primary Email Acct."* You have to enter an address in the form, but I don't think it has to be working, or it can be a disposable address.

After submit login data, even though the page is now blank, the URL in address bar has changed (from orig. Unseen.is), to reflect (I believe) the next page that's normally displayed after login. *Login works* - using a standard Fx profile (even w/ NoScript & some other addons). In a regular profile, after submitting the login data, the SAME blank page w/ a throbber appears for a few seconds, then disappears.

Difference being, in a regular profile, the blank page w/ throbber disappears after a few sec & brings up next page. In TBB, the blank page never disappears. Even after the URL in address bar has changed, I also can't just delete the "node" for the blank page (overlay), to reveal the 1st page inside my account. I was unable to tell from Fx web console, what causes the blank page to permanently hang. Someone else might be able to see it.

I've noticed the exact same problem in regular Fx... IF... I use the "JonDoFox" profile - created by the extension of same name. The profile that JonDoFox creates, makes many of the same changes to prevent browser fingerprinting that TBB and / or Torbutton make.

Javascript is enabled for Unseen.is domain in all cases. In NoScript, I tried both whitelisting it & allowing scripts globally - no difference.

Login on this siteSince in a regular Fx profile works, but not in TBB or a JonDoFox profile. The "regular" Fx profile can contain NoScript, Ghostery, Adblock Plus, CookieMonster, HTTPS Everywhere, etc., & still allow login. So, guessing? it's not those extensions causing the problem.

I even disabled and / or uninstalled potential problem extensions (NoScript, etc.) in both TBB & the JonDoFox profile - no change. I conclude the issue is a change made by *both* TBB (or Torbutton) and JonDoFox extension.

Either it's some - other - change made (assuming in about:config) by both TBB & JonDoFox, that is NOT directly related to their included addons...; OR... the problem is some change(s) that *IS associated* w/ their included addons (NoScript, etc.) but *disabling or uninstalling* the extensions installed by TBB & JonDoFox, doesn't correctly reset all about:config changes they made.

Unseen's support dept was clueless.   They definitely don't block TBB / Tor.
If anyone has an Unseen acct or wants to look / try creating a free acct, be aware they're upgrading part of their system "for couple hrs" as of Sun. 3/2 @ approx. 2 PM, Pacific Std. Time.
So it may not be available for a while.


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