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[tor-talk] [RELEASE] Torsocks 2.0.0-rc4

Hi everyone!

After a big code review from Nick and help from a lot of people
contributing and testing, this is the release candidate 4 for the new

Hopefully this is the last stretched before pushing this effort upstream
but for that we need help with code/documentation review (again) and of
course more and more testing!

Multiple Signed-off on the code would be great so please go at it, ask
questions, contribute! and let's make this new Torsocks awesomer! :)

Some pointers on critical part of the code.
--> src/lib/connect.c and close.c
--> src/lib/getaddrinfo.c and gethostbyname.c
--> src/lib/torsocks.c

Also see the configuration file that has changed.
--> doc/torsocks.conf

If you are on OS X or/and BSD, please help make it work on those
platforms. It's quite easy to break compatibility thus help make sure we
didn't break it up :).


Tarball: https://github.com/dgoulet/torsocks/archive/v2.0.0-rc4.tar.gz

Big thanks to all!

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