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[tor-talk] configure Vidalia stand alone

The only comments I've seen about using Vidalia 0.2.21 - Win (the stand alone package) w/ TBB 3.5.x, to see the map & connections, is just "install / extract it to its own folder & start it after TBB is already running." Like falling off a log? That doesn't work for me. Perhaps because I don't let TBB extract to the default location (I use another HDD than where C:\ is located)? Or, the devil's in the details.

I need to control the country for exit relays - temporarily, while set up an email acct w/ TBB - then remove the restriction. Vidalia's not required to force exit relays in Tor, but makes it easier to see counties actually used.

Anyway, I've not found many details on how to edit Vidalia settings now so it will detect that Tor is already running (it is). Especially when TBB is not on C:\. As opposed to what the Vidalia settings file still shows as a check box (the *old* way of how Vidalia / Tor worked): "Start Tor software when Vidalia starts;"

instead of... how the FAQ instructions https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TorBrowserBundle3FAQ, seem to indicate?, just put Vidalia anywhere & start it anytime after TBB is running... (~ no mods needed & they'll find each other).

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