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Re: [tor-talk] configure Vidalia stand alone

On 3/9/2014 8:48 PM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
The only comments I've seen about using Vidalia 0.2.21 - Win (the stand
alone package) w/ TBB 3.5.x, to see the map & connections, is just
"install / extract it to its own folder & start it after TBB is already
It's true (sort of) - Vidalia stand alone doesn't seem to need any modifications for it to work w/ TBB 3.5.x. Except, seems you need to extract Vidalia to its own folder, inside the main TorBrowser folder?? Then, Vidalia (sometimes) shows the relays, if you start it after TBB is already running / connected to Tor network.

But, it's buggy for me. At least a couple times already, I had to delete all Vidalia files from its folder, then extract it again. It would work for a couple of TBB starts (then start Vidalia). After a few successful restarts of TBB & Vidalia, on another restart, Vidalia may suddenly report "Tor isn't running." But it is. It did this even when I didn't touch anything in TBB or Vidalia, between the restarts when it worked & when it suddenly stopped working.

Couple times, it even prevented TBB from connecting to the network. Deleting Vidalia files & re-extracting them seemed to fix that (couple of times). So far, I didn't notice anything odd in Vidalia config file, or in the torrc file at: \Tor Browser\Data\Tor.
I could easily have overlooked something.
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