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Re: [tor-talk] (no subject)

On 3/14/2014 4:57 PM, muhammed gokce wrote:
And how do I create in torbrowser different profiles, I still don't understand it..

Please go to the MDN (mozilla) link I gave. Like anything, there's some reading on how to use the profile manager, but it's child's play compared to using a browser. They have online help section to use the utility (which doesn't need "installing.") There's also an article in Mozillazine knowledge base on creating profiles. If one can't read & master the steps needed to do this, maybe they might shouldn't be creating multiple profiles, esp. to use in TBB. Just sayin'.

You use the menu options in the profile manager to create new profiles. About a 10 sec. operation, once you know basic menu options. In the same way the native Fx profile manager does. The native manager would also work, it's just that the stand alone manager from MDN has more features, flexibility. It's not difficult (unless one refuses to read simple instructions).

One thing: The MDN profile manager (or Firefox) has a known bug - which doesn't really bother anything. When the manager is used to open a profile that's previously been *opened* (but is now closed), it will show a message that the profile you selected appears to be in use & starting Fx with it could damage "stuff." Unless Firefox IS running, with the profile SELECTED, the profiles aren't open & starting them doesn't damage anything.

The only time that might be the case, is if you actually had a running instance of Fx / TBB; in which case you'd see it running in Task Manager or equivalent running processes monitor in other OSes. As long as [the profile you've selected] isn't started / running, the warnings about it in Profile Manager can be ignored.
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