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Re: [tor-talk] (no subject)

On 14-03-17 12:27 PM, muhammed gokce wrote:
> No, I don't want to run 1 instance of TBB. I wan't to run a few instances of TBB, but all with an other IP-adress. Like you can make profiles in firefox. So you can log in with different accounts at a site. But all the accounts must own an own IP.

Some options:

1) get more than 1 pc

2) modify the source code to do what you need, or offer money to Tor
Project to develop what you need

3) run a TBB in separate virtual machines on a single pc

4) have a single TBB with separate tabs or windows open, and each window
connects to a separate 3rd party vpn or proxy (to get a different ip
address), and then to the destination.

5) if you dont care about "relatively good" anonymity, run multiple Tor
client instances each listening on a distinct SOCKS port and connect a
regular Firefox (with separate profile) to each one.

You can also ask on IRC for detailed help with any of the above.

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