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[tor-talk] Hidden Services Questions (mostly) Please?

Bare with me as I ramble my way toward hidden services.

First a plain server connect:

Assuming a simple web client using Tor to contact a normal web page, NOT
HTTPS for simplicity.

Client <=> Node A <=> Node B <=> Node C <-> HTTP Server

Node "C" (exit) sees unencrypted traffic to the server and can monitor

Assuming I set up more than 3 nodes in a circuit, can any of the nodes
determine how many nodes I'm using?

Now Hidden service:

Client <=> A <=> B <=> C <=> Rendezvous <=> D <=> E <=> F <~> Hidden Server

I assume that unlike the non-HS, "C" is not equivalent to an exit node and
C <=> Rendezvous is encrypted?

Does "C" know it is the last node before connecting to a Rendezvous?

Is the F <~> Hidden Server connection encrypted or not?

Does "F" know it is the last node and connecting to a Hidden Service?

Thanks for helping to educate me!  8-)

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