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Re: [tor-talk] New Tor project idea for internet comments

This isn't technically feasible-- for example, censored users in countries
with slow Internet speeds (Iran, Cuba, Syria) would be unable to connect to
the network by being forced to relay connections if they install the
browser plugin. The Tor network relies on volunteers who have the ability
to quickly and safely relay traffic to do so, and users who do not have
those abilities are not at a disadvantage.

Tor developers, community members and volunteers could better spend the
time creating this system for something that yields more results, like
actually encouraging the websites who censor Tor users to not do so-- they
should rather use a CAPTCHA system or another form of human verification
(that does not break anonymity).

> So many news website block comments they dont like these days.

This isn't something new or exclusive to Tor users. Anyone who creates a
website with a comment system can censor and prune the comments they don't
agree with. I do agree, a separate comment system would be great at
fighting the censorship by websites, but it isn't something the Tor
developers should focus on.

Good idea, but not exactly the right place. Thanks for the idea, and
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