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Re: [tor-talk] New Tor project idea for internet comments

On 03/04/2015 10:05, Lee Malek wrote:
I have an idea for a tor sub-project that would serve our purpose (fighting censorship) perfectly.

I think your description is very vague, and lacks details, therefore inviting only generic replies.

Who/how will decide what resources will such comments be attached to?
Where are they stored? You mention "relay" and "tor app". But there is no such thing as "tor app". Do you mean having something like distributed hash? Who will own such data? What is the way to ensure they don't disappear?
How do you deal with abuse, spam?

You need to write the more detailed and specific proposition, otherwise your idea will die in comments in this thread, and will not go anywhere. Proposition should make it clear that such idea can indeed be implemented, only then it can attract attention and motivate some developers.

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