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Re: [tor-talk] New Tor project idea for internet comments

> Who/how will decide what resources will such comments be attached to?
> Where are they stored? You mention "relay" and "tor app". But there is
> no such thing as "tor app". Do you mean having something like
> distributed hash? Who will own such data? What is the way to ensure they
> don't disappear?
> How do you deal with abuse, spam?

You are simply missing the point. The OP is the wise
engineer/manager/painter who is explaining the immunologist he [the
immunologist] is a moron because in 30 years none of the MDs and
biologists have come up with a solution to HIV that is both cheap and
100% effective. So he [the egineer/whatever] has a Lenin type of idea:
"learn, learn, learn". Obviously the biologists and MDs weren't
intelligent enough. Still, he [the engineer/whatever] is way too busy to
spend any more time with such trivia.

Take a look at the archives. I speculate that there is one like this one
every month.

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