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Re: [tor-talk] Why corrupt government officials blah blah bleh blah

On 15-03-05 02:07 PM, tor@xxxxxxx wrote:
> On 03:05:2015, Travis Bean wrote:
>> Stuff
> I wonder if this giant pile of mess you've posted in this mailing list
> is related to the products/services you are trying to sell on the web
> site linked in your sig?
> I didn't like what I read there. You seem to be offering more than is
> possible with the type of product you're presenting. "Instantly stop NSA
> spying with this powerful software" orly?

The software in question is linked and downloadable at TLBean's page:
[0] http://www.tlbean.com/anonymity.html

I am curious why anyone would be encouraging people to use vanilla
Firefox with Privoxy and Tor to aim for anonymity on the web. TorProject
has documented how that is not sufficient [1], and supplied suitable
replacement software, namely TorBrowserBundle, which you are welcome to
link to or redistribute with appropriate integrity safeguards etc.

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