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Re: [tor-talk] Protest Blocking Tor via CloudFlare

On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 12:35 PM, l.m <ter.one.leeboi@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Which site blocks tor exit entirely? I haven't seen one recently.

Can blind people or elinks (terminal) users access CF sites?
What about users legit wget scrapes of particular content for offline
reading, better formatting, or dataset processing and analysis?
Ever scrape something useful into an SMS on your phone?

Assuming all the "legit" uses work, then sure, change the
subject to "Protest *Annoying* Tor via CloudFlare" :)

I must give some credit... happy to see the impossible to
solve cowspot wavy blurred two-word "nnntnnlmm vvnmrmmttff"
style captchas went away.
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