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Re: [tor-talk] Load Balancing/High Availability Hidden Services

On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 11:27 AM, MacLemon <tor@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> descriptors would overwrite each other every few minutes.

Not necessarily an overwrite but more validity window of descriptor location.

> I don't think one can do something like Round-Robin DNS with HS.

You can run DNS on top of Tor for your users.

> intelligently/randomly 302 redirects each file request to a known-to-it server.

You should present randomized links to the file beforehand instead
of 302'ing the actual request. This will save one RTT as well.

> cope for nodes coming and going.

This shouldn't be happening unless you're taking them offline,
for which you would know to adjust.

> Has anyone done something like this?

The above methods been used before. There are some recent threads in
the archives that may not be any better, but maybe some proposals in
torspec.git you could review.
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