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Re: [tor-talk] Are webmail providers biased against Tor?

> If you'd quote properly instead of cutting the context [...]

To  put it bluntly. I read what you typed and saw a justification for 
blocking tor. Whether you actually ascribe to the tactic is beside the
 point. You typed: if I have no reason to accept tor on my server then
 blocking it makes sense, yes? Using tor shouldn't be a matter of
acceptable traffic: yes/no, block justified. 

> What I did say is [...]

Based on being lumped in with the bad it makes sense to justify some
servers may block tor?

> That's just the nature of the game.

Your privacy and anonymity online may be a game but for others it's a
serious concern. It would stand to reason that any justification for
blocking tor would offend.

The context of the response appears accurate.

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