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Re: [tor-talk] Why corrupt government officials are strongly opposed to this Tor project (a Gestapo government run amok!)

Travis Bean:
> I am giving everyone on this mailing list a heads-up regarding what I
> have uncovered about the Gestapo government here in the United States
> and why corrupt government officials are so strongly opposed to this Tor
> project.

You have no idea what Gestapo was troll.

> I can prove I have become a target after I published information on my
> tlbean.com website exposing the truth about the National Security
> Agency's control mechanism that is being used to unlawfully monitor all
> Internet and email activity. I have had my cellphones and Internet
> equipment sabotaged repeatedly after exposing the truth about the NSA
> and after I published Tor-powered PrivacyGuard shell scripts on my website.

You need therapy, not security.
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