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Re: [tor-talk] Why corrupt government officials are strongly opposed to this Tor project (a Gestapo government run amok!)

On 03/03/2015 12:17 AM, Lara wrote:
> Travis Bean:
>> I am giving everyone on this mailing list a heads-up regarding what I
>> have uncovered about the Gestapo government here in the United States
>> and why corrupt government officials are so strongly opposed to this Tor
>> project.
> You have no idea what Gestapo was troll.

The terminology "Gestapo" translates to seventeen different
organizations (http://www.intelligence.gov/mission/member-agencies.html)
when referring to the corrupt United States government:

Army Intelligence: http://www.army.mil
Central Intelligence Agency: www.cia.gov
Department of State: http://www.state.gov
Air Force Intelligence: http://www.af.mil
Coast Guard Intelligence: http://www.uscg.mil
Defense Intelligence Agency: http://www.dia.mil
Department of Treasury: http://www.treasury.gov
National Reconnaissance Office: http://www.nro.gov
Department of Homeland Security: http://www.dhs.gov
Drug Enforcement Administration: http://www.dea.gov
Federal Bureau of Investigation: http://www.fbi.gov
U.S. Navy, Naval Intelligence: http://www.oni.navy.mil
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency: http://www.nga.mil
Office of the Director of National Intelligence: http://www.odni.gov
National Security Agency/Central Security Service: http://www.nsa.gov
Department of Energy:
U.S. Marine Corps, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity:

>> I can prove I have become a target after I published information on my
>> tlbean.com website exposing the truth about the National Security
>> Agency's control mechanism that is being used to unlawfully monitor all
>> Internet and email activity. I have had my cellphones and Internet
>> equipment sabotaged repeatedly after exposing the truth about the NSA
>> and after I published Tor-powered PrivacyGuard shell scripts on my website.
> You need therapy, not security.

Please do not insult me on this mailing list. Do you work for the
corrupt Gestapo government, or perhaps you are simply out of touch with

Kind Regards, Travis Bean

Travis L. Bean
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