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Re: [tor-talk] Why corrupt government officials are strongly opposed to this Tor project (a Gestapo government run amok!)

On 03/03/2015 02:19 PM, Travis Biehn wrote:
> Couldn't resist!
> Certain individuals attribute structures that a society naturally evolves
> as being somehow directed by an omnipotent actor. This actor is often cast
> in the role of tormentor / antagonist.
> For you your tormentor is the 'Gestapo government' and what you perceive as
> its colluding branches, including *ahem* 'psyops' outfits in the private
> media.
> You're close, but unfortunately the truth won't appeal to your ego nearly
> as much as the classic paranoid scenario you're living.
> One tool you might find helpful is to consider the cost of persecuting you
> in this way, when the government has cheaper and more effective forms of
> silencing dissidents.
> As general, more practical, advice, you are well on your way to being
> involuntarily committed, if you don't want this to happen you should
> probably limit your interaction with your local police department,
> especially when you live in a world where all government agencies and Rupert
> Murdoch are personally tormenting you.

Your reply indicates the truth hurts! Let me take a guess, are you
another one of these demented, flag flying patriots (Army, Air Force,
Marines, Navy) who work for this corrupt United States government?

Travis L. Bean
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