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[tor-talk] Looking for some Tor love at HotPETS15

Dear Tor people,

The HotPETS workshop [0] has been a place for researchers, developers, and thinkers in privacy-enhancing technologies to share and discuss their latest ideas and results. Tor has always been a major part of this discussion, from the introduction of Torâs bandwidth scanner [1] in 2008, to the unveiling of Torâs move to a single guard in 2014 [2], and including much in between (for example, [3-6]).

HotPETS would like to continue to be a place for the Tor community to share their latest improvements and challenges. This year we are asking for only a *2-page talk proposal*. The submission deadline is *April 24th*. Details about submitting are in the Call for Talks [0]. Hopefully, this will make it even easier for more of the Tor community to participate, especially people who donât write research papers for a living :-)

I hope to see many of you at HotPETS in Philadelphia on July 2nd!

co-chair, HotPETS 2015

[0] https://www.petsymposium.org/2015/hotpets.php
[1] "TorFlow: Tor Network Analysisâ. Mike Perry. HotPETS 2008.
[2] "One Fast Guard for Life (or 9 months)â. Roger Dingledine, Nicholas Hopper, George Kadianakis and Nick Mathewson. HotPETS 2014.
[3] "Compromising Tor Anonymity Exploiting P2P Information Leakage". Pere Manils, Abdelberi Chaabane, Stevens Le Blond, Mohamed Ali Kaafar, Claude Castelluccia, Arnaud Legout, Walid Dabbous. HotPETS 2010.
[4] "Eliminating Stop-Points in the Installation and Use of Anonymity Systems: A Usability Evaluation of the Tor Browser Bundleâ. Greg Norcie, Kelly Caine and Jean Camp. HotPETS 2012.
[5] "Towards Measuring Resilience in Anonymous Communication Networksâ. Fatemeh Shirazi, Claudia Diaz, Ciaran Mullan, Joss Wright, and Johannes Buchmann. HotPETS 2013.
[6] "A TorPath to TorCoin: Proof-of-Bandwidth Altcoins for Compensating Relaysâ. Mainak Ghosh, Miles Richardson, Bryan Ford and Rob Jansen. HotPETS 2014.

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Computer Scientist
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