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Re: [tor-talk] Who runs the Tor Network? An Overview using MyFamily Data

Nusenu <nusenu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
Fri, 20 Mar 2015 22:07:45 +0000:

| Also because MyFamily is a cumbersome setting for relay operators
| there might be misconfigurations** that result in multiple
| (overlapping) families.

That's one thing, and it happens now and again. In my case, two of the
nine relays I'm part of operating were missing one fingerprint in their
MyFamily setting. That's been fixed now. This is not the whole story
though I'm afraid.

Five of the relays I'm operating are run by DFRI, where I'm a
sysadmin. Other DFRI sysadmins run other relays. Our solution to that
has so far been to list all the relays that _any_ of us run in MyFamily
for DFRI relays while keeping other sysadmins private relays out of the
config of our private relays. Hmm, example:

  person1 runs relays a,b
  person2 runs relay c
  organisation runs relays d,e,f

a and b list a,b,d,e,f as MyFamily
c lists c,d,e,f as MyFamily
d,e,f list a,b,c,d,e,f as MyFamily

This is probably not going to work as intended with how MyFamily
works. I guess we should call a-f a big happy family and be done with

Then again, MyFamily is on its way out I hear. Is that true and when
does it disappear?
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