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Re: [tor-talk] Who runs the Tor Network? An Overview using MyFamily Data

Nusenu <nusenu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
Mon, 23 Mar 2015 13:09:18 +0000:

| > This is probably not going to work as intended with how MyFamily
| > works. I guess we should call a-f a big happy family and be done
| > with it.
| For simplicity reasons probably, but I don't see any reason why a tor
| client would have a problem with that? And the group-by family
| analysis has no problem with it either. If this kind of MyFamily
| configuration is intended by the operators than it is no
| misconfiguration by design.

You're right. nodelist_add_node_and_family() considers two relays to be
in the same family when they both claim that the other relay is in their
family, regardless of what the set of relays in the two MyFamily
settings look like.

| Just in most cases it probably is. For clarity reasons it would be
| great if 'organizational' relays (d,e,f) would have distinct
| contactInfo (compared to personal relays (a,b,c).

In this particular case, DFRI's relays do have distinct contact info.

If you do take this into account, I don't understand why a line like the
followin would appear in your list. But maybe you didn't for this list?

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