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Re: [tor-talk] exit probability 0.0000%

On 10-03-17 13:28, Ivan Markin wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 12:49:59PM +0100, Udo van den Heuvel wrote:
>> Or could seldomly some traffic exit here?
> From dir-spec.txt [1]:
> "A router is called an 'Exit' iff it allows exits to at
> least two of the ports 80, 443, and 6667 and allows exits to at
> least one /8 address space."
> So that means that your relay gets Exit flag (and thus exit probability)
> only if it's able to exit as described above.

No exit flag and none of these ports are allowed.

> Though if your realy (OR)
> can exit (ExitPolicy is not set to `reject *:*`) and has no Exit flag
> there may be some non-standard actors that can use your relay to exit.

Who could exit this way?
My system was used for Dorkbot traffic.
How could I block that?

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